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First Arrived back in the late 90's the big idea being to release limited edition T-Shirt prints on a theme. Each year a new range of prints were released undner the brand of a coloured tag mimicking some well known brands lableing system, while puting some thing in to the market place that they would never issue due to the low profit harvest for such a small production range.

The product range also extends to produce though durable colthing for city living, with the main aim of being special, but easy to wear and maintain.

With the relaunch of diesekonstruction.universe the first of the bodytools to be released is Grey Tag the range is limited to 100 shirts per design. The other will be brought on line and some of the old designs will be available at a later date.


Products can be paid for using Pay Pal and can be delivered within 30 days throughout the UK or 45 days worldwide from date of order. All orders are confirmed by email as are deliveries when they are dispatched. All orders are subject to availability, and delivery times may vary slightly depending weather I am in the UK.

Limited designs and artifacts will come with certification of authenticity as will original works. Some articles of furniture will come flat packed for easier dispatch. Shipping cost published on the site may are approximate and may vary depending on weight and number of items shipped real cost will be confirmed by email. Any damage to goods shipped must be reported within 24 hours of receding the goods. Colours and shades may vary on some artifacts from the published photograph as they are handcrafted.


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