Welcome to my universe. this is a diverse space dedicated to my works and things of interest. Here you'll find a basic map of the site, news of the latest updates etc.

The site as been offline for awhile due to server changes, and me going off and enjoying life for awhile instead of sitting at a keyboard. I recommend doing this as often as possible. Apolo G's to those who visited and found the site down, never mind, you didn't miss much, or perhaps you did. . .anyway that was then, and this is now.

Those who remember the original layout of the site probably remember a chaotic maze with broken links, weird stuff, and links to crazy places. Nothing about the attitude of the site will change. It is still intended as a bizarre portal into cyberspace with some useful features, but essentially it is a haus of fun for all to enjoy. feel free to email comments about what you like positive and negative responses will be encouraged. Some of the items posted here are intended to stimulated debate, and discussion on the issues that arise.

the site is being rebuilt from scratch so do visit regularly to keep up with the changes and features as they come online. please also feel free to use the resources posted here

Lombok Indonesia . V for Vendetta . G A T E 2 3 . Ranting an'a Raving .

NU AREA Special



You'll also find this section dedicated to some of the written work I have published over the past 23 years, as well as any nu publications. Enjoy