the 3 monkeys project


in the summer of 2005 the chicken came home to roost. For a while we had been warned of terror attacks in London due to our actions elsewhere in support of our allies. In period of 48 hours we went from a nation of high charged emotional joy, to one of equally charged despair, confusion and anger.

But this is nothing new, everyday on a global scale the world is fueled, run, powered, and battered by similar swings of events. Only the locations and the actors in the unfinished drama
transpose. Sometimes not even the characters change.
There is always a hero. There is always a victim.

There is always a blind monkey who doesn't see what's
coming, or the injustice of the events, and systems that
surround it. A deaf animal that doesn't hear the screams
of the rest of the world in pain, or warnings of change, so
missed the asking of the question why. A gaged ape that
can't be heard above the din of sirens and calls for vengeance.

Shut up. Behave. Comply. We are told. an old image of our ancestors burns into our skulls. Children should be seen and not heard. Don't look at that, you won't understand. Who said you
could speak your not qualified. A constant barrage of rules and regulations, put downs and restraints that push pull and restrain
our societies like a monkey on a chain dancing to an organ grinders tune, and banging a dented tin cup begging for peace and reason.

The images and forms in this collection are excretions from these forces and the pressure they have exerted on me as a man. With
in them you may find my despairs, and my joys, my mischief and jokes. this introduction is not an explanation as the images and forms have their own identities which you will discover. Also until the work is fully assembled under one roof the full picture will not be realized. This is planned for the summer of 2008, but begins here on this site.

Early works, news, and production PR will be posted here. for more info on the project


Mervyn Diese. Artist