First released in 2000 it was the main work of that year. It takes it’s title from the fact that at the turn of the millennium I was indeed 37 years old, and created as a self portrait of myself for my mother to thank her for life. For it had up to that point been a very special experience and due to circumstance, I had been most fortunate to be in the right place at the right time.
To witness and record and celebrate in my own way the maturing of the mullet cultural revelation in Great Britain.

I decided to clone the original portrait 36 times, this reflected on of the great science break through's and moral debates of the decade. Many of the pieces reflect what I did, felt, and observed that year
( ie: plate 16) is a direct reference to me leaving school and an altercation between my headmaster of the time. One Mr James Dougan who despite his attempts to hinder my progress in to the world
was proved wrong by the success I had achieved
by the turn of the century.